How to delete a page or blank page from the Microsoft word

Microsoft Word is mostly used in our day to day life, almost all the people have worked with this product.

Most of the users will be knowing how to delete the text and the paragraphs from the word document.

But Word users find it difficult to delete the blank page from the document.

Now the question is can we delete the page from the word document the answer is Yes.

Delete a blank page from Microsoft Word , why do you need it?

Usually when we are writing a document, if anything goes wrong then we have an option of a backspace key.

The backspace key is useful when you want to delete a word or a paragraph.

Even after removing the paragraph or the whole words written on that page but still the blank page exists in the document.

How to Delete the blank page in word 

For deleting the page, you have to tap(anywhere) with the Mouse cursor on the page that has to be deleted.

Then press Ctrl + G, now you will be in the  “ Go To” tab of the” find & replace” Then type \page in the “Enter Page Number“ text box. Click on the “Go To”.

How to delete blank page from Word document

Please note after clicking the “Go To” tab all the contents of the page which you want to delete will be selected then press the close tab.

After that press the delete button, now you will see that the page you want to delete has been deleted from the document.

Removing or deleting the blank page at the end of the word document

We always come across the blank page that will always be there at the end of the document. Have you ever thought that why there will always be a blank page at the end of the document?

This happens because the word processor sometimes includes an end paragraph that cannot be deleted; this causes the blank page to appear at the end of the document.

Now to remove this page press “Home” tab and then press ¶.

Then press the backspace, you have to keep pressing the backspace until the symbol ¶ goes to the upper page.

Now again press the symbol ¶, you will see that the page you wanted to delete it has been deleted

These are the above shown two methods which you can use for deleting the unwanted pages or blank pages from the MS Word document.

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